How to get the best salary from your IT job

The best way to maximize your IT salary is to use the right tools, says Mike Stapleton, managing director at Stapley Communications.

We discuss the best IT salaries and why you should always look to the best sources for information about your job.


Use your own data to decide where to start The most important factor when looking for your next job is how you use your own information to decide what to pay for.

Here are the key points you should consider when looking at the best salaries for IT roles.

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Get a list of all the people who have been with your company for the last five years 3.

Set up an annual pay plan using this data 4.

Identify your career area and how you fit into it.

This will help you compare and work out the best possible pay for your role.

Read More for your job, Stapletons advice is that you do the following: 1.

Identifying your career and career areas.

Start with your IT role in your job description, and look at the following data: Where you are based: Which part of the world does your job reside?

How long have you been there?

How many years have you worked in the IT industry?

Which countries do you live in?

What is your job’s job title?

Are you based in a country with a minimum wage?

Where do you work?

What do you do for your company?

Are there any other IT jobs that you are interested in?

If you can, identify the IT jobs you have previously worked in.

Is it your first job?


Identification of the IT roles you have worked in: What are the skills and responsibilities you are expected to possess?

What experience does your role entail?

What are you most proud of?

Are these the IT skills you will bring to your new role?


How many people you know at your company.

Are you familiar with their salaries?

What’s the average salary?

Are they getting bonuses or other benefits?

Are any of them paid in cash?

What would be a good starting point to estimate how much money you will be earning over your next few years?


What are your current projects?

How much time you have spent on them?

How do you compare your current salary with what you would earn if you worked for the same company?

What skills are you expected to have?


Are your current job responsibilities similar to the IT careers you are considering?

How would you compare them with your current position?

Are your responsibilities similar?


How long you have been in the industry: Is it a few years or more?

How is your salary tied to your experience?


What kind of work you do: Are you looking for a specific type of work, or do you expect a certain type of job?

What sort of work are you looking to do?


Are there other IT roles that you want to be in?

Do you have a particular area of expertise?

Are other roles similar?

What kind are you going to have to learn and adapt to?

What will you be doing while you are there?


Is there a salary negotiation strategy you can use to determine what to expect?

Is this the right strategy for you?


What sort, if any, bonus, or other incentives will you get?

How will you compare those to what you will receive if you are not on the same salary as other IT employees?


What will be the number of people you have to recruit and train over the next few months?

Are the IT job requirements similar to those in the other IT fields?

Is there an overlap in your role with those requirements?


Are the skills needed in the job being developed comparable to those you are looking for?

Is the skill set being developed equivalent to what your job requires?


What is the salary you are earning right now?

Are people in your company paying the same as they are paying you?

Are those people earning the same amount as other people who are in your position?


Do you expect to get any raises in the next year or two?

Will you be working for more than one company at a time?


Will you have the flexibility to change jobs?

Is your job likely to change?


Are they flexible enough to provide you with a different job if you don’t work well with others?


Do they have a clear direction about what they want you to do and when?


Are people working on your job who are paying their own way?

Are their compensation based on their skill set?


Do their expectations for you match the salary?

Is it appropriate to expect to work on projects and make a lot of money?


Are any new skills or abilities needed to make your job more effective?


What kinds of things do you want your boss to know about you?


Are other people interested in your skills

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