A day of ‘no regrets’ for a cable management job

A day at the office isn’t a bad day to make a change.

But there’s a downside to being on the clock.

The company behind the “no regrets” slogan for a day at your cable management company is leaving, and its not for a long time.

As of Tuesday, Cox Cable Management has been bought by Charter Communications.

Cox has been under management since the company’s founding in 1996, and has been at the center of a number of high-profile regulatory issues, including a number filed by Comcast in 2015.

Cox is known for its management skills and flexibility, which are the attributes that led to the merger between the two companies.

Its the sort of company that has been on the market for years, and now it will have a new CEO and it will be a new management team.

The company has been in the media spotlight over the last few years, as it faced regulatory scrutiny, but it seems to be getting better.

The company announced that the CEO of Cox Communications, Michael J. McKeown, has left the company.

McKeown is currently on leave with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as well as a stint with the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.

In a statement, Cox Communications said McKeoff will take on a new role with the company, and it is “unlikely that we will see him in a senior role in the foreseeable future.”

McKeeown’s departure leaves the top leadership team of Cox.

The new CEO will have to work with the existing team in an effort to complete the merger, which will also create a new leadership team to lead the new company.

McKiell has been the CEO since 2013.

He left the job after a five-year stint with Comcast, and had to take on an administrative role at the company before becoming CEO.

“The merger is the most consequential decision I have made as CEO,” he said at the time.

“This merger represents an historic transformation of the cable industry, and the future of Cox.”

Cox’s future is unclear, but the company did release a statement saying it is committed to the people and business of the company and plans to remain a leader in media and entertainment.

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