How to deal with a bad loaner

The biggest problem with being a player on a loan deal is that you end up playing your part and not being paid for it.

The same goes for the manager, who should always be the last man standing when a loan is taken.

So here’s my advice for those managers who have to manage a bad player.

You can put your foot down and try to get your loaner to agree to a lower fee, or you can let the loaner go and try and get the manager’s fee paid.

That’s a bit of a balancing act and you have to be able to explain why you think a loan should be taken on.

This is a case where you can put up the money you need to pay for the loan, and then you can negotiate for the higher fee.

But I think it’s worth remembering that if you take the loan on and the loan is gone before the manager is paid, then you’ll still get the higher salary.

It’s a win-win situation.

If you take a loan then you pay the manager and you get a good deal, so you can then negotiate the loan for yourself.

But if you go for it and don’t get paid, you can’t get a decent deal from the manager.

In my opinion, this is the most important part of managing a bad deal.

And it doesn’t always work out, so it’s important that you have a plan to deal from.

So let’s look at how to deal.

The first thing you need is a manager.

A good manager can be one of the most difficult things you can do, because you’re always negotiating with a loan player.

But you can take some of the blame for the situation.

You’re the last one standing when the loan goes, and the manager can always say: ‘It’s the manager that should be in the position, not me’.

But that’s what makes it difficult.

There are so many people in football and the media that have a vested interest in what happens and don,t care who’s the last person standing when loans go bad.

And that’s the problem.

But the truth is: if you’re not a good manager, you’re never going to get a proper loan.

There’s a reason why players can get loan deals and then never get paid.

So it’s all down to you.

I’ve been told that managers have to get on with their jobs, which is great.

But it’s also important that they are willing to work hard.

The best managers will always be willing to try and do the best job for the player, and I’d advise that when you’re working in a manager’s role, the manager has to be willing and able to work with you to try to fix the problem and get your fee paid in the long term.

But in the meantime, make sure that you understand what’s going on and try not to put any pressure on your player.

If the manager doesn’t want to listen to you, that’s okay, but if he does, you need a plan.

I’d suggest you try to put together an outline and try it for a few weeks, because if you don’t make it work, then the manager will lose the money he can make from the player.

So make sure you understand the situation and make a plan, but don’t be afraid to let the manager know.

He’ll have to make the decision.

Then you need someone to monitor the player’s progress, and it’s best to have someone who has a good knowledge of English football.

So look at your loaners.

Look at what they’ve done, and don.t give the manager any reason to change his mind, or even to make a big mistake.

It’ll be fine and you can always make changes if needed.

If there’s a problem, then ask the manager what’s the best way to resolve it.

This will make sure the situation doesn’t get worse.

The second part of the problem is that when a manager comes to you with an offer, you might not be able get on board, because he might want to take you on loan.

So you need an agent, and that’s where I think you have an advantage.

A lot of players are going to take a risk and take a pay cut if they sign for a new contract, because it’s more difficult to get their money back, and a pay-cut is something that is worth having.

A big problem with this situation is that players can make up their mind on whether they want to sign for more money or less.

So the best advice I can give is to keep your options open, but then ask for a better deal if the offer isn’t good enough.

That means you need both the manager to agree and the player to agree.

So if you find the manager isn’t interested, then don’t sign for less money.

But don’t let that stop you.

Remember, the best player is the one who gets the best

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