We need a system for tracking changes in our personal data, says tech billionaire

An Indian billionaire is hoping to change the way we store our personal information online.

The idea comes from tech billionaire Deepak Chopra, who has been working to create a new system that would allow people to securely manage their personal data.

The company called Chirag wants to offer the same features to all of its users that the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter offer.

Chopra has a background in computer science and started developing the technology around two years ago.

In 2015, he launched a $10 million seed round to commercialize the concept.

The technology is based on data encryption, he told Vice News in an interview in London.

The encryption protects data stored on smartphones and computers that are connected to the internet.

It’s also used by social networks and cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Chapra is also a founding member of a tech startup called DataSecure.

It has partnered with IBM and IBM Watson, the company’s chief scientist, to develop the new technology.

Chang-Jin Lee, DataSecure’s founder, said that the encryption on smartphones is “a bit antiquated.”

He said he has developed an “authentication engine” that will allow users to log into their data from smartphones and log in to other apps.

DataSecure will work with other cloud storage companies like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive to offer this kind of security.

The data can be stored in a secure, encrypted format, Lee said.

Lee said DataSecure plans to start shipping the first commercial version of Chirags data management system in the next six months.

He declined to provide a price for the system.

Lee added that DataSecure was looking to expand its technology to all kinds of platforms, from smartphones to computers.

DataSecure has also partnered with Microsoft to offer data management solutions for Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

Lee says DataSecure will be “more transparent and more transparent about who we are and what we are doing.”

The data encryption will be built on top of the cloud-based data protection technologies that Google, Amazon and Microsoft are working on, Lee added.

DataProtect, a subsidiary of Chatterjee Group, said it had received a $1.2 million investment from IBM in March to help the company accelerate its development.IBM declined to comment on Chiragi’s plans.

Chatterjee also declined to discuss DataSecure and said it has no current plans to invest in DataSecure or any other tech startup.

Charter Communications, which also invested in Datasecure, declined to answer questions about the deal.

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