The man who brought the M-word to the country is back in the spotlight

The man responsible for the M and the word’s origins is back with a new album and a new title.

The singer, singer-songwriter, songwriter and author, Mark Kermode, told the BBC that he had a new idea for the new record and that the song ‘M-Word’ was his new favourite song.

Mr Kermodes’ new album is titled ‘The M Word’ and features the lyrics “I want to tell you that I have never been more proud than I am right now”.

“I am really proud of what I have created,” he told the broadcaster.

“It’s my favourite song.”

“I’m going to do a video for it,” Mr Kernode said.

“You can see it on my website.

“I don’t know what I’m going for. “

It will be called ‘M Word’.” The new album will be released on Tuesday.

“I don’t know what I’m going for.

It might be the idea of a mixtape.

I don’t want to go for a single record.

It just needs to be a collection of the most beautiful songs, the best songs, and it’s going to be really nice,” he said.

The new record will feature a song called ‘My M Word’.

It will be the first single Mr Karmode has released since leaving the UK.

“When I was doing the M Word, it was like the greatest moment of my life,” he explained.

“In that moment, I didn’t have a voice.

I just felt that it was so wonderful.

The singer has also released an album of original music. “

What I’m doing is bringing all of that back to this moment and the moment where I am now.”

The singer has also released an album of original music.

The songs on that album are ‘My Life as a Man’, ‘It’s the M’, ‘My Word’, ‘The Big Picture’, ‘When I’m Home’, ‘You Are the M’.

The song ‘My Words’ was written by Mr Karnode.

It is the second new song to be released by the M. “The M word was a really big influence on my career,” he added.

“For me, I’m a songwriter so I had a lot of ideas.

I had to go through the songs that I wrote to write something new and really different.”

It is a real honour to be included in this, a song that has been around for so long and that has had such a huge impact on my life and I am so proud to have a song like that in this new album.

As far as I’m concerned, I can say that I’m still alive, I am still doing what I love, and I still have a lot to say.”