Which Magisk Manager is right for you?

In this week’s RTE podcast, Magisk manager and risk management expert, Andy, talks to RTE about which Magisk management app fits his needs and why you might want to pick one.

You’ll also hear how the new Android app will be better than the iOS app for controlling your device’s safety, and what it’s like to test an app before you use it. 

RTE podcast: How to use Magisk, Android or iOS on your Mac or PC? 

Andy and RTE’s Matt, are joined by RTE mobile editor, Nick, to discuss the different types of apps you can use to manage your smartphone. 

Read more: iOS app for iPhone, Android app for Android, and Google Play app for Mac, are the three best for controlling devices on the Mac or Windows. 

Magisk app review: Should you get Magisk? 

Rte’s Matt is joined by Andy and Nick to discuss what to do when you get stuck with a Magisk app on your smartphone and what you can do to make it work better. 

They also touch on the new iPhone app for the Magisk team and the best Magisk security apps, and discuss how to make your Magisk account better.

Magisk manager: You don’t need a Magick app. 

Andy, Nick and Matt discuss why you should stick with the iOS Magisk version. 

And you’ll also learn how to set up an iOS Magick account and manage it in the app.

Magick app review, app review app review Magick is the company that invented the idea of a universal device security app, so if you have a smartphone, you may already be using one of the apps out there. 

This week’s episode will also cover some of the best and worst Magick apps you’ll use, as well as what they mean for your smartphone’s security. 

The show is also packed with great advice from RTE listeners, so you’ll get the most out of the podcast. Enjoy!

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