What does all that mean for NHL players?

The NHL is in a precarious position with its players.

It has been in talks with the league about a collective bargaining agreement for years, and it recently agreed to the idea of player representation in the collective bargaining process.

But this is the first time the NHL has made an explicit proposal to its players in a way that will require them to take part in the bargaining process itself.

The proposal is being pushed by the NHLPA, which is led by current player Ryan Kesler.

This week the union released a statement calling for players to “be fully informed of the details of the proposed collective bargaining plan and the role the Players’ Association will play in it.”

Players will get to see how the plan will impact their wages, benefits, and other issues, the union said.

Players’ unions have been the biggest force pushing for more transparency in the current collective bargaining talks.

Players want to know who is negotiating the deals and what the league’s role is in all of it.

The players’ union is also pushing for the league to set up a new “player representative” team, similar to what it did with the American Hockey League.

The league would have the option of creating a representative team to represent the players, but the union is not asking for a player representative team.

Instead, the players want the league “to establish a process whereby the NHL can hold players accountable for their own actions.”

The union is demanding a “fair and transparent process,” which would allow the league and the players to discuss a deal that benefits all parties.