How to manage the ad blitz on your new football club

Football Italian readers can now help their club manage the onslaught of new ads from the latest Super Bowl ad blitz, which has seen more than $3 billion of new ad spending hit the airwaves this year.

Football Italia, the football magazine that has the exclusive rights to the ad, has created a handy guide that helps football fans know how to manage all the new ad dollars that will hit the football world in 2018.

Ad-blocking is a very new phenomenon and it’s the responsibility of clubs to ensure they are fully equipped to handle it.

If you don’t want to be blocked, then you can still watch the Super Bowl, which will be shown live on TV from the US on February 7.

However, there are some important points to note.

Firstly, it’s not a new phenomenon.

The Super Bowl was broadcast live for the first time in the US in 2018 and the ads that will be featured in the Super Sunday game have been around for years.

Secondly, it is up to the clubs to decide how to deal with the ads.

If the club is not prepared to accept them, then the ad-blockers can just block them from viewing the game.

However if a club is prepared to embrace them, they can opt out of the ads and watch them through a new app.

The apps are called ads blockers and the ad blocking service will block the ad when they are viewed.

This allows the club to continue to be competitive on the pitch and it gives the club a way to monitor the advertising that is currently being run.

For instance, a club can opt to block a particular ad for a certain number of minutes a day.

This is done through a system called the Ad Blocker Tracker.

In 2018, clubs will be able to opt-out of the ad blocker tracker and watch the ad at any time, but there are restrictions.

For example, they must use an app that does not block ad blockers or their apps will be blocked in the app.

They can also block ad-spamming apps or content on their networks.

If a club doesn’t have an ad blocker, it will still have access to the game via its ad-tracking system.

The club will be offered a refund if the ad is not seen by the target audience.

However in 2018, some of the bigger clubs are opting out of ad blocking, while smaller clubs will have to rely on a third-party ad blocker to watch the game and it is a big difference.