What is RBC Wealth Management and what is its impact?

RBC is one of Canada’s largest property management companies, with over 150,000 agents across Canada and the United States.

It offers investment, commercial, residential, rental and condo property management services, as well as property management in rural, remote and urban areas.

Its portfolio of assets includes:· RBC Global Real Estate, which owns a variety of real estate assets including office buildings, retail, office condominiums, office and residential rental properties, and residential property.· RBS Global Property Services, a subsidiary of RBC Group.· Residential property management businesses in Canada and around the world, including properties in North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and Africa.· A residential property management company in Canada.· Wealth Management, which manages investments from RBC Capital Markets, one of the largest asset managers in the world.· The Canada Real Estate Association.· Property Manager, a professional resource for real estate professionals in Canada that provides access to the best real estate investing, property management and tax planning services.· Realtor, a real estate brokerage that specializes in the selling of commercial, rental, condominium and residential properties.· Real Estate Advisers, an independent agency that provides financial and financial planning services to real estate brokers and agents.· Capital Markets Group, which operates and manages brokerage and real estate investment products and services, including the Wealth Management Services business, a residential property portfolio management business and a real-estate advisory service.· Strategic Property Management, an online platform for realtor professionals to manage their real estate portfolio.· National Realty, a national real estate agent and investment firm, and the largest residential real estate company in the U.S. that provides real estate and brokerage services, and real-time market data to clients, for a fee.· REI, a publicly traded Canadian real estate agency.· Royalty Management Services, which offers a full range of residential real-property brokerage and investment products.· Investors Group, a financial advisory firm that provides investment management, financial planning, tax planning, real estate consulting and other services to investors, for free.· HUB Group, one the world’s leading residential realty companies.· Landmark Property Management Canada, a leading real estate management company based in Vancouver, BC.· Toronto Real Estate Board, a Toronto-based real estate advisory and brokerage company.· Private Realty Investment Services, an investment advisor and realtor-focused real estate service.

Source Financial Post