When the Trump administration is hiring more ‘Waste Management’ jobs

The White House has made it a priority to hire more “Waste Managers” as part of its efforts to modernize the nation’s outdated waste management system, according to White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Priebus, speaking on the conference call Thursday, said the administration has hired more than 2,000 “Wasteland Managers.”

According to the White House, these are “people who have experience with, and knowledge of, waste management systems across the country.”

“They are also well-qualified to work with our team to help us get the waste out of the landfills,” Priebus said.

“They will help us ensure that our waste is collected safely and efficiently and is never recycled into the environment.”

The White House is expected to unveil its next round of hires in the coming weeks, as it seeks to streamline the administration’s waste management and recycling efforts.

As part of the White HOUSE Waste Management Initiative, which was launched in the fall of 2015, the president appointed the Waste Management and Recycling Commission to guide the administration on the agency’s waste and recycling programs.

The commission is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the state of the nation of waste management, waste recycling, and waste management.

The White HOUSE is also looking to hire “WASTELAND MANAGERS,” as it does in its hiring announcements, which have included positions with the Environmental Protection Agency, Agriculture Department, and Environmental Protection Bureau.

“The Department of Transportation is hiring an additional 3,000 employees to support our new initiatives to increase the efficiency and security of our waste, recycling and waste collection processes, while protecting our environment,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest in a statement.