Firms and startups with fleets are going the route of Tesla, Lyft, and Uber—but how can they compete?

Firms that offer fleet management services often have to be on the lookout for competitors to their model.

Some companies may have to work with fleet management firms or other third-party operators to offer their services.

But others may be able to offer a fleet management solution directly on their own sites.

This post takes a look at what you need to know to get started with fleet managers.

Read More fleet management companies may be offering fleets on their sites but they are not always doing it right.

They may not have adequate security measures in place or be able or willing to provide customer support.

In many cases, fleet management can be a very expensive endeavor.

As a result, many fleet managers have chosen to move to a marketplace, like Lyft or Uber, to make money.

For example, fleet managers at several large companies have been moving to the e-commerce space to monetize their businesses.

They are doing this by offering fleet management as a service or as an add-on to existing products or services.

Here are the main ways that fleet managers monetize and sell their fleets.