How NASA’s Apollo Global Management team handles large missions

The Apollo Global Operations team at NASA is a mix of NASA scientists and engineers who have worked on the space agency’s Apollo missions and have access to NASA’s large budget, according to NASA officials.

One NASA official told Ars that the Apollo Global team was created to help the agency meet its ambitious goals in a large and rapidly growing mission.

NASA has spent $200 million on the Apollo program since its founding in 1960.

NASA officials have not yet released the names of the Apollo employees who will be part of the new team, but they said the Apollo team will include at least 20 scientists and 30 engineers, including six NASA scientists who have spent time in NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) program.

A spokesperson for NASA did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

Ars will be tracking the Apollo global management team over the next week.

Ars has asked the agency to clarify whether the Apollo astronauts will be in charge of managing the program’s global strategy, or the program as a whole.

A NASA spokesperson told Ars it’s “premature” to comment on the team’s composition.

“The mission team is comprised of all NASA scientists, engineers, and support personnel,” the spokesperson said.

“As the mission team expands, we are confident that we will continue to hire qualified individuals with proven leadership capabilities who will lead the team through the challenges of the mission and beyond.”

NASA is not the first space agency to hire a team of NASA’s top space scientists.

The agency has had a human resources team at the agency’s Johnson Space Center since the 1970s, and the agency has also hired a team from the NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) since 1997.