How NFL teams are handling the lockout

A year ago, the NFL had the biggest contract disputes in its history, with teams from all 50 states trying to sign free agents and other big names, including a couple of quarterbacks.

But the NFL’s bargaining team, the league office, has done a good job of negotiating a deal that gives teams the flexibility to do their business, regardless of the lockout.

In fact, there have been a lot of free agents this season.

This week, the teams will begin a new collective bargaining agreement, which will give them more flexibility.

So what are the biggest questions going into next season?

The New England Patriots are not the only team that has been hit by a lockout.

The Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks also have been without a winning season, and the New York Jets are in danger of going without a game, with their new owners threatening to sue them if they don’t agree to an extension.

Is this the start of the end for the lockout?

The NFL’s new CBA is a long-term deal that is worth tens of billions of dollars over the next four decades.

In return for a big salary cap, teams can keep their players for two more years, and teams are allowed to go out and make bigger-name free agents.

So far, though, the deals are generally small, with contracts ranging from $50 million to $65 million.

That doesn’t mean the owners are out of the woods yet.

The big issue is the money.

The average contract for a starting quarterback this season is a $4.8 million salary, while the average contract is for a backup running back is $2.6 million.

Teams are also allowed to use the cap space from their existing contracts, as long as they keep their starting quarterback or backup running backs.

And the money is there, too.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean teams are going to spend it all on free agents, as some teams are expected to do.

So where does that money come from?

The players are still getting paid the same money that they did last season.

That money comes from two sources.

First, they are getting a cut of the salary cap.

This is the first year that teams will be able to sign players for more than $50,000 per year, which means the average player will see a cut in salary of about $400,000.

The cut is about $200,000, or about 25 percent, per year.

Second, teams will get to keep any players that are on their roster for more years.

This means that teams can re-sign players for a new contract with less guaranteed money, and they can even make deals that keep the same players on the roster for the same number of years.

The deal has already been approved by the NFLPA, so the owners won’t need to sign off on it.

So why is the average salary lower than it was a year ago?

The salary cap is now $143.3 million, a little over $15 million higher than the year before.

It’s not clear why that has happened, but it has.

The reason is the league’s new collective-bargaining agreement.

The owners have been negotiating for years, but the owners and the union were unable to reach a deal before the start to the season.

So the new CTA, which was approved by players in late May, was supposed to include a set of rules that would allow teams to negotiate with players for much lower salaries.

That would allow them to make the same deals as teams who have been able to make deals under the old CBA, which included a guaranteed contract for each player and capped the amount of money a team could spend on each player.

But after talks between the owners, and an agreement by the players, the owners didn’t get what they wanted, and players were not happy.

This was a blow to the league, as it would have allowed teams to renegotiate deals that had the effect of raising salaries for players.

But now the owners will have to work to reach agreement with the players.

What happens next?

In the weeks leading up to the start, the leagues collective bargaining team will meet with all 32 teams to try to reach an agreement.

So this is a tough process, and there will be lots of tough decisions to be made, but one thing is certain: the owners have the power to make big changes to their contracts, which could dramatically change the way the league operates.

So how much money are the teams getting?

The average salary for a starter this season was $2 million, but that’s down from $3.8 and $4 million a year before that, respectively.

The median salary is $1.5 million, and that’s just under $1 million below the average.

The money for the backup runningbacks was down $600,000 from last year, to $1,857,500.

The teams starting quarterback and the backup receiver both saw a cut, but both still saw a pay cut of $

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