Pharmacy benefit manager: ‘I have been treated for depression’

The pharmacy benefit management manager for a New Jersey nursing home told NBC News she has been treated “for depression” after her depression took over her life and her family.

Kathleen Seay was diagnosed with depression at age 22 and since then has struggled to find a job.

She works at a nursing home, and her job is paid.

She told NBC affiliate WPVI-TV in Philadelphia that the depression has been a constant for her.

“I have had it for two years,” Seay said.

“It was so bad for me and I was scared to even talk to anybody because I thought, I can’t get any work, I’m going to die.”

Seay said her depression has affected her ability to sleep, eat, get out of bed and work.

“And it’s very difficult to do these things,” she said.

Seay, who is disabled, has also been diagnosed with PTSD, and said she was diagnosed because she was in a relationship and had children.

She said she doesn’t think she has a diagnosis of PTSD, but she does have bipolar disorder.

Seay told WPVI that she was given a prescription for Prozac, a psychiatric drug, at the hospital for her bipolar disorder, and she is currently taking the medication for depression.

She said she’s been prescribed Prozac in the past but is having trouble sleeping at night.

“Now I’m on the pill,” Seayan said.

“I have a lot of depression, and I have a really bad feeling that I’m not getting the medication I need,” SeAY said.

Seays family told NBC she has received about $200,000 in benefits, and they are trying to find another job to support her.

Seaney told WPIX-TV that she has struggled with mental illness for most of her life.

“People say it’s all in your head, but it’s really just about who you are,” she told the station.

“You can’t control who your partner is, and your spouse.”

Seays husband, David Seay Jr., has said he is also struggling with mental health.

Seayan and Seay have been married since 2006, and the couple has three children.

Seayan’s husband said she is “living on her own” and has become isolated.

“We’ve tried everything we can to get help, but we just can’t,” David Sealy said.

The couple’s son is now 12 and their daughter is 7.

“My son has been very strong and she’s very brave.

I know she’s going to be okay,” David said.