How to stop the VR madness and get your VR headset working again

How to get your Oculus Rift and HTC Vive working again.

Read moreTechnology is changing the way we interact with technology.

From the Oculus Rift, to the HTC Vive, to your smartphone, to even your TV, there are lots of apps, games and other content to try and get used to.

There are even apps for Oculus Rift that allow you to see a virtual version of yourself in VR, and the Oculus app “Viewer” for HTC Vive allows you to experience the virtual world through your eyes.

But while VR has been embraced by many, the problem has been that it’s been so hard to get a headset to work properly.

The problem has arisen because many headsets are not designed with a built-in VR headset in mind.

For example, Oculus has made it very easy to add a VR headset to the Oculus Touch controllers for games, but for a variety of reasons this isn’t yet possible with HTC Vive.

While it’s easy to find VR apps for HTC’s Vive and Oculus Touch, many of these apps don’t include the necessary VR functionality for use in VR.

While these apps have been around for a while, the lack of VR functionality has made VR headsets even more difficult to get to work.

In order to get the VR functionality you need, you’ll need to add the Oculus SDK to your headset, and that’s why we’ve been covering how to do this with our guide to using the Oculus Oculus SDK on your HTC Vive VR headset.

This guide covers how to add Oculus SDK and Oculus SDK apps to your HTC VR headset, but it also covers adding the VR support for your HTC headset using the VR SDK on the Oculus Appstore.

Before you startAdding the Oculus VR SDK and the VR Appstore to your VR HeadsetThe Oculus VR and the HTC VR SDK are part of the same SDK, but there are a couple of different ways you can add the two SDKs to your Vive headset.

You can use one of the two different methods, but you need to make sure that the apps you’re adding are compatible with each other.

First, you can install the Oculus version of the SDK on one of your HTC headsets, and then use the SDK to add all the VR apps you need on the other headset.

The Oculus SDK for the HTC Rift has a set of built-ins that let you add a headset support for all the different VR headsets you have on your phone, and you can use them to add VR support to your Oculus headset as well.

For HTC Vive the Oculus apps can be installed on the Vive and used to add support for the VR headset you have.

This is how you install Oculus on the HTC headset and add VR apps to the VR headsets that have been installed on your Vive.

If you want to use both versions of the Oculus software, you need the Oculus headset.

For that, you will need to use the Oculus DK2 or the Oculus Phone.

The Oculus DK1 is a much cheaper headset, while the Oculus phone is a bit more expensive, but they both work.

You also need to install Oculus SDK 3.0, which is a newer version of Oculus SDK, and which lets you add VR SDK apps.

This is how to install the VR app and the SDK.

First you need your HTCVR headset.

You can find out which one you have with the VR Headphone Tool.

Once you have the headset, you are ready to install your VR apps.

To install VR apps on your Oculus VR headset and your HTC HTC Vive:Once you’ve installed the Oculus Runtime SDK on both headsets, you’re ready to start using the Rift.

To start using your Oculus Oculus Rift on your virtual HTC Vive you need an Oculus Rift app.

If you don’t have an Oculus VR app installed, you might have to go to the apps page on the Rift website and click the “Add VR Apps” button.

From there, you should be able to select Oculus VR, choose a VR app, and click on it to start your VR experience.

The apps you can download on your Rift include Oculus Remote, Oculus Store, and Oculus Connect, which are all the apps that let people use the Rift for various VR experiences, such as watching a movie or playing a game.

You’ll need the VR Remote app, which lets people use your Oculus Remote headset to control the Rift’s motion.

You might also need Oculus Store to check your Oculus Touch Controller for updates and the latest Oculus Rift SDK.

You could also use Oculus Connect to connect your Oculus Phone to the Rift, but this is a little bit more complex and not recommended for new users.

If the Oculus Remote app is installed on one HTC Vive and the Rift app is on the opposite, you won’t be able use the VR remote or Oculus Touch controller to navigate the Rift or play games.

If your Rift app isn’t installed on either of your VR headsets, try adding the

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