Twitter: Google is expanding its ads business to new markets, expanding into India, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand

Twitter is expanding into new markets as it expands its advertising business and opens up new ones in India, India and Brazil.

In a blog post Thursday, Twitter said it is expanding to markets in India and Indonesia and plans to open new ones next year in Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia.

The company is expanding in India because of the country’s growing popularity and its rapidly growing digital media ecosystem, said the post by David Weisburd, vice president for product marketing.

Weisbud added that the company has been growing in India for several years, including in the last three years, and it plans to build more digital media businesses there in the future.

Twitter also said it has launched new ad-based campaigns in Brazil and Thailand and plans more ads in Indonesia.

In addition to expanding into these markets, Twitter is also adding new ad groups and ads that target specific groups of people, Weisber said.

In India, the company is working on ways to increase its reach and influence, he said.

WeisBurd added that Twitter has already created new ads in India that are targeted to the poor and marginalized.

He also noted that Twitter recently launched a global initiative that includes advertisers in India.

The social network is also expanding into Brazil, which is seeing a rapid growth in its internet use, said Weisburds.

Twitter is now expanding into Latin America and Africa, he added.

Twitter will also continue to add ads in Brazil after it opens up the first of a series of ad groups in Brazil in 2019.

In the past, Twitter has focused on expanding into developing markets that do not have a dominant media ecosystem and have been reluctant to go beyond traditional advertising.

In some cases, Twitter had been forced to abandon some ad-supported advertising plans because of limited market share.

But Weisbs actions, like expanding into countries with a digital media economy, reflect the company’s desire to move beyond traditional ad-driven advertising and focus on advertising that targets the masses.