Twitter suspends the Twitter account of man who made bomb threat

Twitter has suspended the Twitter handle of a man who posted a threat against the company in June, according to an internal investigation.

The Twitter account, @TwitterTroublemaker, was temporarily suspended Tuesday afternoon, with a message saying the account was temporarily “in the process of being temporarily suspended.”

The account was suspended after the user posted an image of a bomb threatening to detonate at the office of the United Kingdom’s Royal United Services Institute, according a Twitter spokesman.

The account, which was created to promote a Twitter account for the UK’s Royal Air Force, was one of several Twitter accounts linked to a “trouble maker” who is accused of posting multiple threats to Twitter, the Twitter spokesman said.

In June, Twitter said it would suspend the account of the man, who has been identified only as “Troublesome,” after the account posted a tweet that read, “I’m not the first to do it but I’ve done it again.

If you’re not scared, please do not come to the UK.


The account was later restored.

Twitter has also removed the Twitter user’s Twitter profile, saying the tweet was “inappropriate” and the user had violated Twitter’s community standards.

The British National Party, the official opposition in Parliament, also tweeted about the tweet, saying it “should be condemned” and urging the government to ban Twitter.

The threat, which said it was for the purpose of “bringing to justice the person responsible for the #TwitterTroughmaker,” was the second Twitter threat that Twitter made about the account in a week.

Twitter announced in June that it would begin restricting access to the account after the public found several tweets and messages linked to the “troughmaker” that were being posted from the account.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the suspension of the Twitter profile.

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