National Geographic: ‘The Next Big Thing’ Could Be ‘The Biggest, Least-Livable Place On Earth’

The National Geographic Society has a new video coming out on September 1 that shows a massive solar farm in California that could provide electricity to the entire country for the first time.

The solar farm is on a peninsula that has been largely inaccessible for years due to drought.

The solar farm could generate enough power to power a full-sized home and provide enough electricity for over 1,000 homes, said National Geographic spokesperson Alex Hargrove.

The video is called The Next Big Things, and is a follow-up to the National Geographic series that debuted in December.

The series explored the effects of climate change and how it will affect people and the planet.

The new video follows on from the first installment, showing a solar farm near Santa Cruz, California.

In January, the company revealed that it had built a solar project that could generate up to 50% of its electricity from sunlight.

The new video shows a similar project on the Peninsula of Washington State, where solar energy is more readily available.

Hargrovel told Business Insider that the project could have been built in less than three years.

“This is an incredibly innovative and massive project that we were able to accomplish with a very small investment,” he said.

“It could have a massive impact on the world and the future of the solar industry.”

The solar project was designed to generate enough energy to power all of the country’s homes.

“The cost of power has gone up in the US and we’re going to see an increase in the cost of electricity for the entire world, which is really going to be the biggest, least-livable place on Earth,” Hargovel said.

The National Geographic video also shows how a new technology could help bring about a new energy standard.

In addition to producing energy from sunlight, it could also convert carbon dioxide into methane gas, which could then be used to make power plants more efficient.

The company has also worked on a program called Smart Solar, which allows people to buy a battery that converts electricity from rooftop solar panels into a form of clean energy.

Hogarth said that while solar panels will be important for powering the next generation of homes, they will be more important to the future as the planet becomes hotter.

“Solar is a huge contributor to the energy future, but what happens to all the other fossil fuels, methane, carbon dioxide, the methane in the atmosphere is going to increase?”

Hogarth said.

“It will lead to more extreme weather, and that’s going to create more global climate change.”

The new solar farm would make it possible for the U.S. to have a much cleaner energy future.

It could also help provide a new source of renewable power for power plants and power grids, as the United States has been slow to ramp up solar installations.

Hagrovel said the project will be part of the National Geographics project on renewable energy.

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