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The UK is still struggling to find a new role for itself, but the government is trying to find ways to make the country more attractive to companies looking to relocate.

The UK has lost out on the jobs of around 500,000 people since the Brexit vote, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics.

The ONS said the number of people leaving the UK rose from 3.4 million to 4.9 million in the year to March.

It said the total number of new jobs was still well below pre-referendum levels.

But as the country tries to find new roles for people, some of the government’s own departments are looking to recruit.

In a report to the Treasury, the Office of National Statistics said the government was looking to hire as many as 1.8 million people for roles in the future.

“We have also been actively looking at recruitment for the next decade to help us meet the growing demand for skills, expertise and experience,” it said.

It added that it would also be investing £6bn in the skills sector over the next five years to ensure that people with skills would not be forgotten.

The government is also looking at creating a national skills pipeline.

It has also announced a £30bn scheme to support job training and apprenticeships, which will include funding for the recruitment of new graduates and job vacancies.

However, some businesses fear the government will not be able to attract enough graduates, as well as apprentices.

One of the biggest concerns is whether businesses will be able or willing to hire workers with specific skills.

“There is a lot of fear about people not having the skills to be able and willing to fill roles,” said Mark O’Sullivan, chief executive of the Association of British Businesses.

“You can have a big organisation of thousands of people who are all going to be doing the same thing and they’re all going be doing it with very limited training.”

However, he added that many of the people who will need to fill jobs in the next few years will be in the public sector.

“They are very different jobs, they are all quite different jobs,” he said.

“I think we’re going to see a real shift in the way people do business in the years ahead.”

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