How to hire and manage your new content management system

The biggest news of 2016, as we wrap up 2016, is that we are now living in a golden age of content management systems.There’s a new tool to help you build your business around a brand and your content.And with all the excitement surrounding the next wave of technologies and the new web-based platforms coming,

How to get the most out of Amazon S3 for your blog

By Tom Peters, TechRepublic article If you’ve been looking for a solution for managing your subscriptions and managing your content management systems (CMS) for your Amazon-owned blog, you’ll find it in the new S3 Manager.In short, it’s an app that allows you to set up S3 and AWS storage buckets, manage them and upload files.It’s

How Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other companies have become experts in ‘knowledge management’

Search engine giant Google is widely regarded as the world’s most popular search engine.Its massive reach allows it to filter millions of pages for the most relevant results, and its success has led to a growing cottage industry of knowledge management companies.Facebook’s recent acquisition of LinkedIn, a social networking platform that connects users with professionals,